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I very much admire the blogspot of the 'decent left' 'Harry's Place'.  It's on the same page that any sincere democrat should be on with regard to the war against Jihad.  However, despite proclaiming in its banner "Liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they don't want to hear", as soon as I posted that homosexuality is a perversion I was put on moderation and my posts usually only go through if I mock the hypocrisy of its banner.

On this HP blog entry, I posted comments from another computer and they got through.  My post below is awaiting moderation and I believe the homobigots and their enablers at HP will be too insecure for me to tell its readers what they dont want to hear (although, just before pressing 'publish', I happily find myself proved wrong.  Respect due to Sarah AB @ HP).  Here is that post, under my real name of Graeme Thompson.  When one is speaking out against the premier fascist evil of our time, I think one should:-

Flaming Fairy, the aggression and hate that spews out of your posts says all that needs to be said about the true agenda of homosexuals like yourself.

The difference between you and me is that you call me a bigot because I oppose homosexual marriage, I call you a bigot because you are intolerant of opposition. Conducting a democratic debate on homosexual marriage means we address the merits of eachothers arguments without impugning the integrity and honour of one's opponent. There do exist honourable homosexuals and their supporters who can do this, but unfortunately, they are very few and far between. The end game of homobigots like you FF, is to sodomise democracy.

The examples I have given of how new age fascists like yourself are taking democracy out from under our feet are very well known, but instead of addressing what you know to be the incremental onset of your correctnick tyranny you choose to evade it with demands for links.
How hard can it be to type 'PCSO preacher' in Google? Or even 'christian cafe blackpool'? (An example of 'fascism creep' I haven't previously given).

It is my theory that the more intolerant a political homosexual is of opposition to their agenda the more proclivity they have to paedophilia. It's always when one holds one's nose and delves into paedophile propaganda one finds the most visceral hatred of Judeo/Christian morality.

It's perfectly feasible that if the homosexual lobby had a genuine commitment to democracy they could acheive their aims while maintaining respect for the Christian conscience. Just as pacifists have the right to conscientious objection at time of war Christians too could have the right to conscientous objection to, for example, giving sex therapy to homosexual couples and giving children in adopting/fostering to homosexuals. However, to the rampant bigots of the homosexual lobby, the interests of children count for nothing when it comes to the normalisation of homosexuality in society. With goodwill, the Christian conscience could easily be accommodated, but because of the hateful agenda of homobigots like yourself desperately needy children are denied good homes with good Christian families.

Here is the link (p49 onwards) that shows how disproportionate paedophilia is among homosexuals:-

And yet homosexuals can now adopt and Christians who refuse to teach little children that homosexuality is normal can't. O Brave New World.

Homosexual adoption and homosexual marriage are pretexts to lay the groundwork for persecution of the Church.

When 'civil partnerships' came in they were accompanied by the assurance that 'homosexual marriage' would not be introduced which given the track record of the homobigot lobby was so obviously going to turn out to be a lie.

As soon as homosexual marriage is introduced the Church will be prosecuted for not conducting homosexual weddings, no matter what assurances are currently being given. And this, is just the start of the tyranny that is to come.

NB:  I have now had a post witheld and have been banned by a homosexual HP Contributer Alec.  Aside from anything it is considerably rude for one contributer to usurp another's post in this manner.  The impression I got from Sarah is that her otherwise admirable commitment to free speech will quail beneath the Gaystapo glare of her homo-bigot co-Contributers Gene and Alec.

I've written to HP's email address and we shall soon see if Harry's Place needs to amend it's banner slogan to '(unless they're homosexual)'.

This is the comment that Alec witheld and banned me for:-

Sarah, I find it scarey that you, as a mother, would be willing to let someone babysit who obfuscates the disproportionate incidence of paedophilia among homosexuals and who is, frankly, clearly malevolent and unhinged.
You would let Flaming Fairy babysit your boy to teach him homosexuality is normal but would not let a Christian babysit for you who wouldn't even broach the subject of sex with your children.
These truly are dark times in which we live.

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