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Anyone who reads my comments on Biased BBC knows I am always quick to defend Nicky Campbell.  Criticisms made of him there leave me completely bewildered.  However, I have a criticism to make of him here.

On Thursday 16th June Nicky Campbell provided correctnick homosexual rights activist Symon Hill with a catwalk to strut his pink jackboots on and got up on the catwalk with him to strut around with them himself.

I caught this interview (1:41:00) at work after it got started, and as per usual I was thinking ‘top man’ of Nicky C for throwing challenging questions this guy’s way that you otherwise wouldn’t hear from most BBC interviewers, when the conclusion of the interview first descended into farce and then tailspinned into tragedy as Nicky C championed the cause of homosexual reichs.

Nicky Campbell asked his guest () if believing homosexuality was wrong was a form of homophobia and the following went unchallenged:

I think it is, yes, and I think nonetheless there are people who believe that who would still respect gay and bisexual people and stand up for their legal rights.

Yeah, right.  I’m sure if a guest said that some anti-Semites have respect for Jews and would defend their rights Nicky C would let this abject absurdity pass by as well.

Well, things recovered, but then Nicky C concluded thus:.

There are many mainstream Christians who feel uncomfortable about homosexuality who are not Jimmy Swaggart, they’re not that Republican woman Michelle Bachman who appeared on the scene who believes her country needs to be reclaimed from a gay mafia .  What did she say the other day?  She said that we’re in a bizarre world where a Judge will say to little children you can’t say the pledge of allegiance but you must learn homosexuality is normal.  She said a very effective way to promote homosexuality is to get a bunch of second graders and play them the Lion King and the teacher will say ‘do you know the music for this movie was written by a gay man?’.        

Not wanting schoolchildren to be indoctrinated with political propaganda is an extreme example of homophobia Mr Campbell?  Let’s dish out the pink swastika armbands to kindergarden children now shall we?  Who better to do so than this well known BBC ‘gay rights’ favourite and paedophile apologist who I'm sure no Council in the land would fail to deem fit as a foster carer under current legislation and Court rulings.

Correctnick homosexuals (sadly, just about 100% of the homosexual lobbyists that we hear it seems) call anyone a ‘homophobe’ who regards homosexuality as a perversion.  To classify one’s political opponents as suffering from a mental illness is by definition totalitarian and evil.  The Soviet Union used to commit dissidents to psychiatric wards for holding the insane notion that they were not living in a worker’s paradise.  When this barely veiled fascism raises its ugly head on the BBC, whether it comes from a correctnick bigot or an Islamist who copies their tactics, we have a right to expect from our national broadcaster a very firm challenge.

Of course, we rarely get it because the BBC is riven with correctnicks and those who fear incurring their displeasure.

When Nicky Campbell, an otherwise stellar example of the impartiality and bonhomie we want to see on the BBC is so openly in hoc with the totalitarian mindset of the correctnick homosexual lobby, we can hear just how loudly pink jackboots are marching through our land.

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